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Employee 401(k) Plan

We offer the best 401(k) plan in the contract staffing industry!


Is your vesting period for company matching really only 1 year?

Yes it is. We have the shortest vesting period in the contract staffing industry. The reason our vesting period is only one year is because it is sometimes difficult for a contract employee to reach the typical industry vesting period of three to five years. One year is definitely achievable, typically with only one or two contract assignments.

Why do your competitors have 3 or even 5 year vesting periods?

Probably because they are hoping you will never reach the vesting period and then they will never have to make matching contributions. Some competitors even have matching funds that are dependent on the company’s profitability. We at Engineering Resource Group take your retirement seriously and are here to help you achieve your financial goals.

Suppose my contract assignment ends after 9 months, and I then start a new one two months later. Does the 9 months count towards the time I am vested?

Absolutely. If you start another assignment within 5 years after your last assignment ended, the 9 months will be credited towards the vesting period. So you would need to work only more 3 months in the next assignment and you would be vested.