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The post-pandemic labor shortage has made hiring new employees difficult, so many companies are resorting to counteroffers to "keep" their employees when they announce their resignation. Although your company will portray the counteroffer as though they suddenly now value you as their employee, the truth is they suddenly find themselves short-handed, and the easiest short-term solution to completing their projects is to give you a counteroffer and hope that you will take it.

Before you consider a counteroffer, ask yourself why some companies resort to counteroffers and what it may mean for you and your career. Below are three articles on the topic:

Of course, our advice should not be the only one you consider. This is an important career decision, so you owe it to yourself to Google “accepting counteroffers” for additional, independent advice from reputable business sources.

Also, you should discuss your situation with a trusted colleague or two, and of course, with your spouse or family. But in the end you will have to honestly answer two key questions: