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Having trouble finding good candidates for your job openings?

Have you posted your job openings on Indeed, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter etc., and found that almost none of the replies match your job requirements?

And when you try to contact a halfway-decent candidate, they ghost you?
Or they schedule an interview but don’t show up?

What’s going on? What can you do?

This is happening primarily because it’s a full employment economy, and the stronger candidates are not looking at job ads.

It’s also happening because it’s extremely easy to apply with just a click, and job boards like Indeed, Monster and LinkedIn send links to candidates for jobs that they may not be qualified for because these job boards get paid by the click.

Here are some strategies on finding and hiring the best talent in this environment:

How do you attract candidates who are already employed?

The shortage of scientific personnel started some 7-10 years ago, but it accelerated after the pandemic.

A gainfully employed candidate will not leave their current company unless there are solid reasons to do so. To entice a candidate to leave their current job for yours, your company will have to offer one or more of the following, in order of priority:

How can we help?

To discuss your scientific staffing needs in detail with one our recruiters, give us a call 973-605-8500 or, if you prefer, use our staffing request form.

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